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About Vanessa Blue
I was born on May 27th in Long Beach, California but I grew up in Beaumont, Texas. Growing up in a small town like Beaumont was confining and I couldn’t wait to get out and see the world! During my schooling like many girls I needed a little cash so I started dancing a little bikini bar in Orange County, California. I loved all the attention and the money as well as the great friends I made there. In 1996 I did my first modeling shoot with a bondage company, I loved it!! In summer of ‘97 I made friends with a young lady named Kitten and she introduced me to adult films. When I came back I had one goal, make a name and then create a website! Now that all of those goals have been realized there’s so much out there that I want to do now and the web will be my mouthpiece to the world! I have many fantasies that I’d like to share and I fully intend to use this website as my platform to do all the nasty things that most video companies would never allow me to do……I hope you’ll cum in and see!
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